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Growing Herbs Indoors

grow herbs indoorsThe great thing about starting a herb garden is that you don’t even need a lot of space to get great, usable results. Herbs can also be very hardy plants. If you’re just getting started with gardening and you don’t know much about it, starting a herb garden would be a great first step. These hardy and easy-to-grow plants are kind of hard to go wrong with. Continue reading

Sunshine coast holiday breaks

Sometimes, you just have to get away. Maybe it’s been way too long of a week at work and you need an extended weekend away with your family or even by yourself. Maybe you took a week off of work to just lounge around the house but now you want to get out of town instead. No matter what your situation is, a last minute holiday to the sunshine coast could be exactly what you need. Continue reading

Tips on Poetry Writing

It’s almost like a rule for people involved in romantic relationships. If they nurse any hopes of letting someone see that they really love them, they have to learn how to write poetry about them. It would be even better if they could set their words to music. But that’s another story.

Whether it’s for romantic love or not, people who enjoy reading poetry have always dreamt about writing powerful verse themselves. Continue reading

Decorate your home like a pro!

Anyone who has lived in the same house for a significant amount of time knows that there is nothing like a good paint job to completely change the look of a room. When it comes to the time when one seriously needs new paint for their house they should have good tips for painting a room to help them end up with the desired finish. One thing that most people forget is to assemble everything they will need for their painting job Continue reading

How To Build a Snowman

When I first learned how to make a snowman, I was about eight years old. I tried and tried for a long time before that, but all of my efforts ended in disappointment. My snowmen would crumble and fall or they would be tilted to one side. My brother was making them perfectly, and they would last day after day after day. I started to wonder why he was having so much success and I was failing so miserably and then I noticed that it took him a lot longer than me to build his. Continue reading

Tuning a guitar-the first thing you must learn

Its the number one thing for any aspiring guitarist or future rock star to learn how to tune a guitar. One of the most important prerequisites to creating awesome, tolerable music is making sure that you’re playing in tune. Music is called “music” for a reason—calling it such separates it from the uncivilized species of noise, discordance, and just about anything else you can think of that punishes the ears. Continue reading