Buying or selling used goods

If you’re looking for used goods to buy as a way to save some money, dollar stores, op shops and garage sales are all great places to go to for major savings. Have you ever read about how they say should never buy a car new when there are so many gently-used ones out there? That little piece of advice applies to more than just cars. There are all kinds of things from clothing and jewellery to tools and books that you should never get anywhere but at second-hand shops. Let’s take a closer look..

There are all kinds of websites and local stores that offer barely-used designer labels and luxury goods for very little. You usually get three-quarters off this way. You’ll also find these on popular websites like eBay or Gumtree.

Of course you really don’t know who your dealing with when buying privately and that big ticket purchase could easily turn out to be a nightmare (read “ill meet you in a dark alleyway with my Rolex”) so be careful.

Selling your unwanted goods can be a little easier, a way to get money fast is to take out a personal loan based on some kind of collateral. This could be done through a bank or through a company that specializes in providing these types of loans. Most folks opt for the latter since those companies rarely require a credit check. To obtain this kind of loan, you have to put up something of value, such as electronic equipment,  a computer, or jewellery against the amount of cash you’re borrowing. This can be done at most pawnshops and you don’t have to worry about someone else swooping in and purchasing your stuff before you have a chance to repay the loan because you will have a contract with them which usually means they cannot sell the item before a certain number of days, giving you plenty of time to go and buy your item back.

Of course if you want to sell an item outright a Sydney pawnbroker will do this too, there are always  advertisements aimed at getting you to collect what gold or other valuables you have and take it to a pawn shop and turn it into cash.