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Random Silver Facts

Gold and Silver Bullion - Bars, Ingots, Coins and Gold Rings

Gold and Silver Bullion – Bars, Ingots, Coins and Gold Rings

Silver has always been known as a good metal throughout its acquaintance with humankind. The noble metal which is known as Ag on the periodic chart is actually derived from the Latin word ARGENTUM

Silver historians have traced the roots of silver to almost 15,000 years ago as silver trinkets that were unearthed in China has shown that man learned how to ‘play’ with silver at about the same time he took interest in Gold. Silver has the highest conductivity in its pure form compared to any other metal known to man. Continue reading

Optimizing a small business website

When you build a new website for your business or perhaps add a feature to one that’s already there, sometimes, you find that you seem to be getting no love from the search engines. When this happens, people usually wonder if they’re being penalized by the search engines for some mysterious reason.

Somehow, people like to attribute their search engine misfortunes to conspiracy theories and such; it comforts them in some way to do this. In reality though, a poor search engine position usually comes about for reasons of poor website design. Continue reading

Buying or selling used goods

If you’re looking for used goods to buy as a way to save some money, dollar stores, op shops and garage sales are all great places to go to for major savings. Have you ever read about how they say should never buy a car new when there are so many gently-used ones out there? That little piece of advice applies to more than just cars. There are all kinds of things from clothing and jewellery to tools and books that you should never get anywhere but at second-hand shops. Let’s take a closer look.. Continue reading