Decorate your home like a pro!

Anyone who has lived in the same house for a significant amount of time knows that there is nothing like a good paint job to completely change the look of a room. When it comes to the time when one seriously needs new paint for their house they should have good tips for painting a room to help them end up with the desired finish. One thing that most people forget is to assemble everything they will need for their painting job and hence they keep going back and forth to the store getting on item after another. This can be such a waste of time and to avoid this one should have everything they will need assembled before they start. Such things include paint brushes, painters or masking tape, rollers that have extenders, paint trays and protective furniture/floor coverings. Other items include tray liners, plastic bags, old clothes and scissors that will be used for cutting the tape and coverings.

When buying items such as paint, tape and rollers one should also take care to ensure that they have bought nothing but the best quality. This is because the quality of such items greatly determines the final results. If one is at a loss they can always tell the people who sell in home improvement stores for help. Some people get down to painting their rooms before they prep them and this very wrong as walls are known to accumulate dirt, have rough spots and so on. Prepping in this regard will involve sanding the rough spots, filling in cracks and removing any remaining wall paper.

First and foremost, do not make the common mistake of enthusiastically starting without planning and not having all your tools ready. This can really be frustrating. Ensure that you have all the paint designs, the paint, brushes, paint rollers and all that equipment close at hand.

However, getting your tools enough will only not be enough. You also need to organize the room you have to paint in a favorable way. If you are painting the wall, move all the furniture to the center of the room and then cover your floors with old newspaper to protect them from paint splashes.

Next, remove all hardware fixtures. It may seem easier to paint around door knobs or cabinet hinges, but unless you are a professional, you are bound to get drips around them. So remove all cabinet knobs and hinges, door knobs, light switch plates and light fixtures.

When you are ready to begin the real painting job, the best of the tips for painting a room is the fact that you should never paint over problem walls. If your walls have holes or cracks, fix them and fill them up before you start with the paint.

Any home center or paint store has knowledgeable personnel to guide you to the best products for the job. Wide cracks and large holes can be “bridged” with fiberglass tape; spackle- which will fill small holes and cracks; and texturizing products are available to match your existing wall finish.

After you have fixed the wall cracks and mixed the paint according to instructions on the can, you are ready to start. It is professional to start from the highest point of the wall to avoid drippings as you go on especially if you are using brushes. Another key aspect to consider is that the roller or brush strokes should not be symmetrical. Mix them up for a better cover.

Of course the easy way to decorate is hire a pro!

You can find a lot of interior design tips online or you can even hire an interior decorator if you’re serious about making your place the best it can be. An interior painter and decorator the shire will work together with you to fully realize the potential of your space while keeping your personal preferences and tastes in mind. After all, you can enhance a space for all it’s worth, but it doesn’t matter in the end if it doesn’t appeal to you. Smart interior design is also about expressing yourself through your decoration choices and color schemes. By achieving a happy medium between what you like and what’s best for the space, you can create the perfect space that will bring happiness to the people who live in it and the people who visit.