Growing Herbs Indoors

grow herbs indoorsThe great thing about starting a herb garden is that you don’t even need a lot of space to get great, usable results. Herbs can also be very hardy plants. If you’re just getting started with gardening and you don’t know much about it, starting a herb garden would be a great first step. These hardy and easy-to-grow plants are kind of hard to go wrong with.

Gardens are great whether you want to grow vegetables, flowers, or herbs. However, not everyone has the time or the space to have an outdoor garden. These can get quite large, and not everyone can spend the time and the money to make a garden that they love. If you want to have something small, but you do not want to have it outdoors, you can grow some things in your home or on a window sill. Growing herbs indoors can be very rewarding, as you can get the satisfaction of a garden without the huge plot, and you can have fresh herbs to add to your favorite dishes.

There are a few things you should know about growing herbs indoors. First, you have to do some research on gardening herbs if you do not have any idea what you are doing. These can actually be quite easy, but you should know a little about gardening indoors in general before you start. You can buy starter kits for growing herbs indoors, but most find they want to do it their own way after they have had some success with these great kits. Some time online should net you some great and useful information about herbs and indoor gardening.

Next, think about the herbs that you may want to use the most. There are some that are great for just one or two dishes, and then there are some that many use all the time. You may love to make salads with dill, and as you know, dill can be quite expensive. If you use it often, this is a great one to choose for your garden. Some find that growing herbs indoors means choosing things that they use the most, and that is only something that you know. If you only use dill once a year, or not at all, there really isn’t much sense in growing it.

Some herbs are going to do better than others in an indoor gardening setting. If you are putting your herbs in a window box, you want to make sure you have found the right one. For the most parts, plants love sunlight, but not all of them. If you are growing herbs indoors that need a lot of light, that makes it important to choose the window in your home that gets the most natural light. You can always shade them some if they are getting too much, but it is hard to get more sunlight if you choose the wrong window and can not move your planter.

Growing herbs indoors is not hard if you figure out about watering and spacing. Some roots need more space than others. Some plants need a lot of water and some do well with less. That is all stuff that you have to figure out when you are choosing the herbs that you want to grow indoors. The great thing about herbs is that most are rather easy to grow and you may find many different ones can grow together very well under the same conditions. Whatever the case, there is nothing like fresh herbs in your cooking, so do some research and enjoy what you can grow in your own home.