How To Build a Snowman

When I first learned how to make a snowman, I was about eight years old. I tried and tried for a long time before that, but all of my efforts ended in disappointment. My snowmen would crumble and fall or they would be tilted to one side. My brother was making them perfectly, and they would last day after day after day. I started to wonder why he was having so much success and I was failing so miserably and then I noticed that it took him a lot longer than me to build his.

He had learned how to make a snowman already, so I decided that I would observe him the next time the opportunity presented itself. A few weeks later, we had another snow storm, and we went out into our back hard and started working on our snowmen. I saw how he carefully crafted his. He carefully rolled his foundation into a large ball, and shaved off anything that was not completely symmetrical. He worked on it very hard and I noticed that the bottom portion of his snowman was a lot larger than what I had been doing.

I started to notice that he knew how to make a snowman that looked almost perfect, and was taking his time doing so, so I began to do the same thing. I made sure that the snow was packed tightly together and that it was nice and symmetrical. Even he could see that my snowman was coming along better and commented that I was starting to get the hang of it. It made me feel pretty proud.

After a few such winters, I was an old pro at how to make a snowman, and when our family moved to Texas, and those rare chances presented themselves, I would show all of my friends how to do so. Of course, the snow melted much faster in Texas so none of us could make one that lasted more than a couple of days, and it actually got kind of sad after a while looking at the deformed snowman standing out in the front yard, but it was still a lot of fun!