How to Grow Long, Thick Eyelashes

For some reason, women will pick every other part of their body to do serious work on, or their eyelashes, especially. In a world where so many cosmetic procedures are available to everybody at affordable prices, figuring out how to get thicker eyelashes first could be your way to set yourself apart.

There is something universal about thicker, longer and darker lashes. Every culture around the world values them as the great indicator of innate beauty. But your reasons don’t really stop there. You really need to figure out how to get thicker lashes first, because unlike other kinds of cosmetic treatment, when people look at sick lashes, the really suspect anything. They think it’s natural. They think it’s you.

So okay, you’re sold – you want to pay attention to your lashes because it looks easy, and whatever you do, people think it’s you. So let’s get to the interesting part – how to get thicker eyelashes without too much trouble.

As you look around your local drugstore, you’ll find a lot of products called “eyelash conditioners” that are directly aimed at giving you thicker lashes. The “conditioner” in the name should alert you right away. It’s not a product that actually gives you longer, healthier or thicker lashes. These just condition and volumize your lashes to make them appear this way. Just as with conditioners for your hair, these are cocktails of essential oils and other such things. They do a reasonable job making your lashes look fresher. But that’s not all you really want.

There can’t be anyone around know who doesn’t know about Latisse – the product by the pharmaceutical company Allergan that they accidentally discovered helped you grow thicker and longer lashes.

Allergan is really big with this kind of thing. They discover a drug for a serious purpose, and then they find that it has a cosmetic purpose, and they make a mint off and. For instance, Botox, that they first discovered in the 60s, they first thought of as a way to help patients with throat spasms.

Latisse has been its been around since the FDA okayed it a few years ago. While that FDA approval should do a lot to ease your mind as to the effectiveness of this product, you’re probably still a bit unsure about how safe Latisse is for your eyes, exactly. And does it really do what it promises it will to?

Well, the Latisse eyelash growth product isn’t really just some kind of cosmetic thing like under-eye cream or something. In another life, it used to be a glaucoma drug that went by the name Lumigan. That one’s been around for about 10 years now. In the time that the glaucoma drug was on the market, doctors and patients both noticed how it had this incredible side effect that it made your eyelashes grow long, lush and thick. There have been quite a few celebrity confessions from the likes of Mandy Moore and Claire Danes too that approve in glowing terms.

Latisse is a chemical that they invented for a serious eye disease called glaucoma. Of course, in true Allergan fashion, they discovered a much more lucrative marketing opportunity in thicker eyelashes here.

When you use Latisse, it actually grows more lashes for you. It makes your lashes longer and darker, and the overall effect is convincing.

The effect is convincing because these are real lashes, and they’re yours. Of course, when you use a serious drug like this for cosmetic purposes, there are a few side effects that you have to think about.