Luxury European River Cruises

In this day-and-age of planes, trains, and auto mobiles, you’re spoilt for choice for holiday ideas. If you’re bored with the same sights and experiences, then why not try one of the luxury European river cruises available today, it could be just the adventure for you.

Whether you’re travelling solo, or with a group of family or friends, you know that everyone will have the time of their lives.

Beginning – but not ending – with a 5-Star hotel room (some with extras like a butler and balcony), you can relax and unwind in luxury. Food is prepared for you, and the menus ensure you never have to have the same thing twice.

If that wasn’t enough, you are then transported from one foreign land to another. Once there, you can either venture out on our own and take-in the sights at your leisure, or join one of the pre-planned guided tours that both excite and entertain.

There are quite a few companies that operate out of Australia, including APT Tours, Viking River Cruises, Evergreen Tours, and TravelMarvel. Each of these companies offer different packages, so you can personalise your holiday and be treated to a great price.

The destinations they stop at vary, and each company offer different routes. If you’re after romantic destinations, Vienna, Paris, and Nice are great places to visit. For those travellers that are more interested in seeing historical sites and learning, Normandy, Prague, and Cologne might be what you’re after.

European river cruises are perfect holiday choices for everyone. Couples can enjoy each other while taking a walk through Paris. Families can retrace their lineage and see first-hand where their ancestors came from. And history-buffs can experience the places they only read about in textbooks.

With bargain prices available all year round, there is never a bad time to book your holiday. Get in touch with your preferred travel agency for further details. Eastside Travel is a local travel agency based in Sydney who organise these types of holidays for Australians. And, not forgetting, you can pick up some top-notch souvenirs for those back home.