Optimizing a small business website

When you build a new website for your business or perhaps add a feature to one that’s already there, sometimes, you find that you seem to be getting no love from the search engines. When this happens, people usually wonder if they’re being penalized by the search engines for some mysterious reason.

Somehow, people like to attribute their search engine misfortunes to conspiracy theories and such; it comforts them in some way to do this. In reality though, a poor search engine position usually comes about for reasons of poor website design.

The age of the site is an important consideration. Brand new domains will usually have a more difficult time in gaining the ‘trust’ for rankings. On the other hand, putting regular fresh content and consistent links can see you rank among the top in no time at all. Consider also the technical infrastructure. You need to be able to support crawling of your web pages and understand your content if you are to get quick results.

SEO professionals and SEO Consultant companies are also not aware of the search engine optimization tips for page redirection. Search engines have come up with ingenious ways of ridding themselves of old and abandoned URLs and 404 errors. In other words, if you have links and pages that are no longer accessible, you could be losing marks when it comes to your online rankings.

Search engine optimization companies that are not just there to rip you off … Check them out as you would any other business. If their claims are too good to be true, you are probably right and should avoid them. If their website is amateurish in look and feel then you should probably keep looking.

Once you have the names of some search engine optimization companies that you would like to check out, start by googling them and see how high up on the search they are. If they can’t optimize their own search engine rankings there is probably not a whole lot they can do for you.