Random Silver Facts

Gold and Silver Bullion - Bars, Ingots, Coins and Gold Rings

Gold and Silver Bullion – Bars, Ingots, Coins and Gold Rings

Silver has always been known as a good metal throughout its acquaintance with humankind. The noble metal which is known as Ag on the periodic chart is actually derived from the Latin word ARGENTUM

Silver historians have traced the roots of silver to almost 15,000 years ago as silver trinkets that were unearthed in China has shown that man learned how to ‘play’ with silver at about the same time he took interest in Gold. Silver has the highest conductivity in its pure form compared to any other metal known to man.

The high cost of producing silver and its scarcity is the reason that copper had been used instead of silver. However, in the communication sectors silver is a pre requisite as an essential component in satellite transmissions and radio communications. This is due to the fact that the high conductivity of silver makes it more receptive and produces less static.

Silver much like gold has also been used as tangible money for almost five thousand years. Buying gold or silver or exchanging silver for goods has been a common trade factor for a long time. Precious metals such as gold and silver have been behind the reason of the rise and fall of cities and the cause behind some of the fiercest battles that the world had seen.

The opium war was mainly caused by silver. Due to the fact that the Chinese only needed silver from the west for their trade of tea, porcelain and silk, the west was trying to offset the deficit with some other form of exchange, but the Chinese did not want anything else besides silver (silver coins were used to fund the internal feuds the Chinese were facing domestically and those who sell silver bullion become rich).

Seeing no other was a round the situation the British colonies decided to export opium to china, the opium that was the product of the British India colonies were as a matter of fact being smuggled into china via the ports in the south west. When the Chinese found them out the seized the opium prompting British warships to take military action, which was actually an unscrupulous plot by the British who were cheap and did not want to pay for the goods their required in silver coins.

The ensuing war left more than 3 million Chinese dead in its wake. The unwillingness of the British Empire to pay the Chinese in silver coins cost the life of 3 million souls instead. It could be said that gold buyers and gold sellers or traders were fundamental towards these incidences and some blame it entirely on those who sell silver bullion.